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The MBA at the Faculty of Management and Economics at the University of Santiago released its first version in 1990. Since that time, there were many alumni of the programme who continued their professional development and became a contribution to development of the country. Twenty-five years after, the current director, Dr. Francisco Castañeda, created the Alumni Association, which aims to form a strong network of alumni that can reinforce each other and also benefit from advances in international agreements that this programme has achieved.

The members of the Alumni Association are: Mario Mazzarelli, Jose Tomás Karsulovic, Solange Balbontín, Juan Tala and Francisco Castañeda. All directly or indirectly linked to the University of Santiago de Chile.

Its functions are to organize meetings of alumni to increase professional networks, share information, offer seminars, workshops, and especially to offer guidance on the shortcomings of the programme which the Director could solve in his responsibilities and powers.

"For us it is very important to help this network that was just created can strengthen and allow alumni of the Master be connected not only among them, but with all the progress that the programme has achieved in recent years such as double degree with universities in Austria and France, Summer Schools in Austria and soon in Germany, among others, "says Dr. Francisco Castañeda, Director of the MBA of the Faculty of Management and Economics at the University of Santiago de Chile. What matters is that all these opportunities of double degrees and Summer Schools are also applicable to graduates of this programme.

Leslie Cooper (HK Human Capital), Juan Carlos Hayes (Corporate Governments Consultant ) and Carlos Sandoval Precht (Consultant in Coaching and Leadership) attended as representatives of the Advisory Board of the MBA.


Alumni Association members

Alumni Representative: José Tomás Karsulovic.



Mario Mazzarelli: Master in Innovation, University Adolfo Ibáñez. Commercial Engineer, University of Santiago de Chile.
Areas of specialization: Innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial and managerial experience in the practice and business models.
Extensive business experience in Asia and the United States

Jose Tomas Karsulovic: Commercial Engineer, University of Santiago de Chile. MBA University of Santiago de Chile, 2015. CEO of CMMC Clinic Providence.

Solange Balbontín: Occupational Therapist, Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Universidad Austral de Chile. MBA, Master in Business Administration and Management, Educational Management University of Santiago. Director of Occupational Therapy School at the University Bernardo O'Higgins.

Juan Tala: Master of Business Administration, Catholic University of Chile. Commercial Engineer in Business Administration, University of Santiago de Chile. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.
Areas of specialization: Marketing and Operations.

Francisco Castaneda: Director of Master in Administration and Management. Ph.D. in Economic Geography, Loughborough University, UK. M.Sc. in Economics and Finance, University of Birmingham, UK. MBA, University of Chile. Commercial Engineer and Economist, University of Chile

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