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 malla 2018

* The Degree Work covers an additional academic semester (approximate term), once the courses of the second year of the MBA program have been completed.

 ** Three forms of Qualification (you must choose one of the three):

a) Development of Thesis

b) Participation in Business Game

c) Corporate Consulting. See more information here.



Master in Business Administration and Management

The MBA program at University of Santiago de Chile, with the aim of improving the academic and professional performance of our students, will implement a course oriented to academic research (writing, methodologies, etc.), in order to support the various works that will be carried out during the study process in the master's degree.

The course "Development of Academic Documents" will be conducted by Professor Cristian Céspedes, Coordinator of Foreign Languages of the Faculty of Administration and Economics of the University of Santiago de Chile, specialist in the development of academic documents.

The course will be carried out in the facilities of the University and will be carried out once entered into the program, for which the courses will be divided according to the quarter of admission.

Date Course
Saturday, 7 of April, 2018 Level IV
(Section 1)
10:00 a 13:00
Saturday, 14 of April, 2018 Level IV
(Section 2)
19:00 a 22:00
Monday, 23 of April, 2018 Level I 19:00 a 22:00
Monday, 23 of July, 2018 Level II 19:00 a 22:00


Attendance to the course "Writing Academic Documents" is mandatory and includes the delivery of the corresponding material, evaluations and coffee break for its participants.Your participation in this activity will be profitable and will lay the foundations for the correct preparation of academic and professional documents during the stay in the program as well as in future instances.

* Dates are subject to modification in case of force majeure.

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