Director’s Welcoming

The MBA-USACH programme has had a distinguished career over the last decades. It was a pioneering programme that marked trends and gave a noticeable boost to managerial training. From its previous Directors a quality label has emerged which must be preserved. For this, systematic, continuous, and above all, a willingness to understand the changing environment, are a strength of its current value proposal.

The programme has been increasingly incorporating the global dynamics, with a stress on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, as well as with a strong emphasis on aspects of management and leadership skills. It will also develop a strong impetus to the internationalization so that it enhances the development of intercultural skills, in order to promote the professional careers of our students.

The curriculum, consistent with the above mentioned objectives, aims to develop a balance between theory and practice, which enhances management skills, be able to understand the changing variables of the business world, and that sees the company as a space where talents are developed and the value of merit is promoted.

The MBA-USACH has a long tradition in prestige of its faculty and professors. Coming from the academic and the business world, they have a strong commitment to the Faculty of Management and Economics (FAE) at Universidad de Santiago de Chile, and above all with the development and training of our students.