Graduate Profile

The graduate from Master in Business Administration is a competent professional to create, manage and run businesses, observing ethical principles and underlying responsibilities in business management. The MBA-USACH has boosted the development of the skills to manage diverse groups and promote the construction of intra and inter networking skills.

Creation, management and business administration

  • Ability to recognize, understand and analyze technical, procedural and interpersonal skills in the field of administration and business management in a professional and organizational context of a globalized world
  • Ability to design, plan and intervene by means of administrative management methodologies in business and organizational entrepreneurship

Ethics and responsibility in the business practice

  • Knowledge of ethical principles of organizational management

Management of inter-discipline and diversity

  • Skills to manage, train and develop teams in different areas of organizational work
  • Ability to advise people and organizations in areas relevant to organizational work and management science

Training and management of networks (networking)

  • Ability to establish effective working and interpersonal relationships
  • Ability to develop effective communication skills, leadership and teamwork at a high level performance

The hallmark of MBA-USACH is students to develop management skills, with emphasis on personal, interpersonal and leadership skills. To do this, there are two internship programmes, courses for skills training and coaching modules