MBA-USACH Hallmark

1. A training program with a demanding hourly load, allowing accompany the process.

2. Focus on training and development of managerial skills.

3. It offers two options to study Double Degree programmes: UAS- Wiesbaden, Germany and SCM-Montpellier, France; and four alternative students exchange programmer.

4. There are three types of intakes: for Commercial Engineers (Equivalent to Bachelors in Administration and/or Economics) and / or Civil Industrial Engineers , for management trained professionals and professionals in other specialties.

5. It brings together professionals from various fields. The diversity of their students is one of its main attractions.

6. It has been delivered, uninterruptedly since 1990 in Santiago and since 2001 in Bolivia.

Our Learning Model

The MBA-USACH is articulated through a systematic and rigorous training involving the transmission of disciplinary, theoretical and practical elements, and the development of managerial skills through a personalized accompaniment program.

The training offered by the program allows the candidate to develop the ability to make decisions in complex and changing environments, through structuring relevant innovative solutions to our cultural and social reality as well as the global context in which organizations coexist.

The MBA-USACH is a programme whose curriculum includes eighteen regular courses, a workshop, a residence of entry, three modules of coaching and a final residence. All this implies that the candidate must assume an intensity of 900 hours.

The Residences are field activities designed to set the entry profiles of students. The objective is to design a coaching program that allows them to develop the skill set that the programme through its training project, defined as priorities for management exercise. The final residence corresponds to the evaluation of the achievement and progress made