Student Services

Facilities and services


The MBA-USACH operates in the premises of the Faculty of Management and Economics, and the Educational Technology Innovation Center; both located on the Universidad de Santiago de Chile campus.
The spaces in which the programme activities are developed include classrooms, library, study rooms, computer and language labs, cafeterias, parking and common areas. The MBA programme offices are located on the third floor of the Faculty, constituted by the Programme Management Office, the Academic Coordination and a secretary.

Library system


The University offers students the Library System of the Universidad de Santiago de Chile(SiB-USACH), with services for academics, students, employees and external audiences, consisting of a Central Library, endowed with 2,935 m2 of rooms reading, quiet study rooms and 20 specialized libraries.

The Library System of the Universidad de Santiago de Chile(SiB-USACH) has a collection consisting of electronic databases of journals (over 6,000 titles), and e-book databases (over 60,000 book titles Full Text). The SiB-USACH has gradually integrated new information technologies services, in order to allow timely research and updated knowledge in real time.

In order to provide our students a more complete service and facilitate access to media and digital resources, the University has, all across the campus, a Wi-Fi network, so that students and teachers can access through an individual account all SiB-USACH existing services and subscriptions. Among the databases available to our students include: IEEE, Elsevier, ASTM, Proquest, Ebsco, the last two with remote access from any computer through a password.
Additionally you can access Ebrary / eBook, MD Consult, ENVIROnetBase. In addition the University has access to the information portal of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development).

Students of MBA-USACH programme can remotely access to data bases Pro-Quest and EBSCO, which may be used from any computer connected to the Internet, either outside or inside campus.

Other services
The programme operates at USACH facilities, so that students and teachers can enjoy a large variety of spaces offered on campus namely casinos, parks, stadium and other facilities to practice sport and physical activities; common areas and parking, which provides complete comfort and service. Note that the University is located few steps from the Metro Estación Central and Universidad de Santiago, making it easy to reach by a vast array of transportation means.